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Silestone Countertops

Engineered Silestone is Low-Maintenance, Durable, and Guaranteed for 15 Years

All quartz countertops are in fact an engineered product that contains at least 90% quartz in addition to binders and pigments. Silestone, however, has some unique properties that make it stand out among the competition. Find out why Silestone is special as well as how much it costs in this free countertop buying guide.

Quartz Countertops At a Glance

Quartz countertops are one of the main competitors of granite countertops, which should provide some indication of their build quality. Solid granite slab is, of course, one of the most highly-sought building materials on the market. But granite isn't perfect: natural striations can lead to cracks and splits over time, and regular sealing is required to combat granite's porosity.

In Silestone and other quartz countertops, these flaws are "engineered" out through the use of polymer resins. The resins augment the quartz - the fourth hardest mineral on Earth - for a final product that is extremely hard, resilient, and unlike granite slab, nonporous. The addition of pigments, furthermore, allows for a multitude of colors that are perfectly-suited to modern kitchens and bathrooms. Other benefits of quartz countertops include:

Why Silestone?

Although they share the same basic blueprint, not all quartz countertops are created equally. Here are some reasons why Silestone should be chosen over other engineered quartz products:

Silestone Countertop Costs

Compare Free Silestone Price Quotes

Use the form below to request complimentary estimates from local Silestone installers. Find a great deal on new Silestone countertops by comparing contractors and costs side-by-side. This money-saving service is fast and easy-to-use...get started now!